Hase Recumbent Trikes

Adjustable and Adaptive Tricycles

The Trigo is the latest in a line of innovative recumbent tricycles by Hase Bikes of Germany. Hase Bikes has been building bikes and trikes for over 40 years. With the Trigo, they have combined the benefits of recumbent trike design, such as the relaxed seating position, low center of gravity, and ease of use, with an adjustable delta trike frame--two wheels in the back and one in the front, versus the "tadpole" design, which is two wheels in the front and one in the rear.

These benefits are enhanced with a 24-speed drivetrain which allows you to fly up hills or down them. The Trigo is great for leisurely rides or brisk commutes. The Trigo features adjustable handlebars, seat angle, and wheelbase length, allowing you to make the Trigo fit your unique geometry. Hase Bikes are also designed to be adaptive for different riders' needs. One advantage of the Hase delta design is the under seat steering (USS), which makes the seat a bit easier to get into than some find the lower-slung tadpole design. There are also many accessories to help those with disabilities or limited mobility experience the joys of cycling. For more information, or to find out which trikes are in stock for demonstration, please email Jeff (please allow 24 hour response time) or for the most immediate response, please call Jeff on 617-230-0131.

Delta vs. Tadpole

The Trigo is a well made, value oriented delta recumbent tricycle. Hase also makes the higher end Kett version which offers a bit more performance and slightly different rider configuration. Delta recumbents put the single wheel up front while tadpole trikes put the wheel behind the rider. Delta recumbents are easy to get in and out of, they offer stability with a three-wheel design, and are able to corner quickly. This trike is able to tackle various terrain and situations.

Step It Up

The Trigo is able to be fitted with various accessories for increased storage, versatility, and mobility. It can also be upgraded to an electric trike by fitting it with a Shimano Steps electric mid-drive motor. Electric motors assist your pedaling efforts allowing you to cruise through your commute or zoom up hills without breaking a sweat. Presently, we have a Shimano STEPS Trigo on hand for demonstration.

Delta vs. Tadpole

Hase Bikes features a number of adaptive accessories to help those with disabilities or limited mobility get out and ride. Everything from the pedals to the brake system can be adapted to most physical challenges. Our knowledgeable staff would love to help you fit your Trigo with the right accessories so you can experience the joy and freedom of cycling, no matter your challenge.