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ICE Recumbent Trikes

Rugged. Accessible. Dependable.

Inspired Cycle Engineering (ICE) recumbent trikes has been applying world-class British engineering to their line of recumbent tricycles since 1999. They make record-setting performance trikes that range from the sporty Sprint to the versatile Adventure and Adventure HD, to the ultra performance VTX and fat tire Full Fat trike. All ICE Trikes, except the VTX, are foldable, making them easy to store and transport.

Most ICE Trikes are designed with the ability to add a Shimano STEPS E-Assist motor. This turns any ICE model into a fully functional electric-assist recumbent trike. They also feature ICE's unique Compact Flat Twist (C.F.T.) fold mechanism for convenience. Plus they have an Ergo-Flow seat design, as well as a hard shell design depending upon your philosophy of use. For more information, or to find out which trikes are in stock for demonstration, please email Jeff (please allow 24 hour response time,) or for the most immediate response, please call Jeff on (781) 272-0870.

Rugged and Dependable

Rugged & Dependable

The Adventure and Adventure HD (heavy duty) are built to ride wherever your path takes you. From open road to gravel paths, the Adventure makes the ride smooth with ICE's unique suspension design. Equipped with mounts for fenders and racks, you can take whatever you need with you.

Dynamic and Versatile

Dynamic & Versatile

The Sprint is the go-to trike for open road adventures. Whether you want to reach top speeds or maximum fun, the Sprint's medium profile give you just the kick you need while allowing you to ride in comfort. The Sprint is designed to be ridden in all seasons for all occasions.

Why ICE Recumbent Trikes?

Recumbent tricycles give the rider greater stability and handling than traditional recumbent bicycles. Their design brings the rider lower to the ground, which increases speed and allows for a tighter turn radius. ICE Trikes improve upon this benefit by having a C.F.T. folding mechanism on all models except the VTX. ICE Trikes are also fully customizable. Ask our friendly staff how you can custom configure your own ICE recumbent tricycle.

ICE Fast Track

ICE Fast Track

The trikes are fully customizable with endless combinations of components and accessories. ICE Fast Track features pre-built configurations of the Adventure, Adventure HD, and Sprint.

See Configurations

ICE Configuration Tool

ICE Configuration Tool

Use the ICE Configurator Tool to select everything from the boom and crankset to the derailleur and wheel size. Bring us your configuration and we'll set up your ICE Trike to your specifications.

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