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Mission Statement

Our Vision for Today

As we pass the 10-year mark of new ownership, we have embarked on a voyage seemingly so very different than we would have ever thought back in 2006. The world around us has changed so very much, and this is even more evident in our little world of the cycling industry, not the least of which is because of the Internet--a tool so fraught with debate. Back when I acquired the shop, our vision of why we were in the business of bicycles and how we operated was one way--now 10 years on, we've re-visioned what the future holds for us and you, the riders. Here it is, hot off the presses: Cycle Loft Mission Statement 2016. We hope you'll stop by and visit us in our new home.


Bikes change lives.

We are passionate about bicycles and the positive results that happen when we ride. We are riding experts who commute, bike, race, cycle, and spin. We talk the language of bikes and riding. 

We are a progressive team of riding experts who are enthusiastic and creative, open-minded and approachable, honest and understanding.


We offer a diverse array of products and services from our favorite brands. From folding, cargo, and electric to traditional road and mountain bikes, we will continually evolve to better serve our community of riders.

--Jeff Palter, Owner, Cycle Loft, March 9, 2016