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Mission Statement

Our Vision for Today

As we pass the 16-year mark of new ownership, and 46 years as a local brand, we want to revise our Vision and Mission that was articulated in 2016. By now we all know, that our World is very different than it was then, but one thing hasn't changed--that bikes (and trikes) are awesome and that they can change not only individual riders' lives, but also the World around us. 

The Cycle Loft team continues to work hard to make the shop as easy and fun to shop in, even though the last 2 years haven't really been easy or fun, to be frank.

Our Vision and Mission has become really simple, please take a (short) read below. And thought it's not the same as it ever way, please stop by to say hi, send an email or give us a call, we really want to see you and hear from you as we help support local riders of all kinds.


Bikes & trikes change lives.

We talk the language of riding.

We are a progressive team of riders. 

We understand your needs and can help you achieve your riding goals.


--Jeff Palter, Owner, Cycle Loft, January 21, 2022

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