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Recumbent Cycles at Cycle Loft

Why Ride Recumbent?

Recumbent bikes and recumbent trikes are an alternative to the ubiquitous diamond frame, upright bicycle. Recumbents have a unique design that allows you to sit down in a seat to ride, instead of on a narrow bicycle saddle. This allows you to ride in a seated position instead of hunched over the handlebar. This provides you with a few benefits only found with recumbent bicycles and recumbent trikes.


Since you are in a seated position when you ride a recumbent, all of the weight and pressure is taken off of traditional bike pain points, your sit bones and hands. Instead, it is evenly distributed across your body, giving you a comfortable ride.


Recumbent bikes keep you lower to the ground as you ride, which decreases the distance of a fall in the event of an accident. Recumbent tricycles sit you even lower. Both provide excellent stopping power due to a low center of gravity.


Another benefit of being low to the ground is speed. Recumbents are faster than traditional upright bikes due to their low center of gravity. While you might not be trying to set a land speed record, it does makes your rides smooth and effortless.

The Best Brands in Recumbent Cycling

Catrike Recumbent Trikes


Recumbent trikes for every type of ride, from road to trail.

Hase Adaptive Trikes

Hase Bikes

Adaptive recumbent trikes for all levels of mobility.

TerraTrike Recumbent Trike


Recumbent trikes made for exploration in any terrain.

ICE Recumbents

ICE Trikes

Rugged, dependable folding recumbent trikes for all riders.

Cruzbike Recumbent Bikes


Recumbent bikes with dynamic-boom front wheel drive technology.

Lightning Recumbent Bikes

Lightning Bikes

Innovative recumbent bikes design by rocket scientists.

RANS Recumbent Bikes

RANS Bikes

Unique crank forward design and time-tested style.