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Coach Kurt Begemann, Principal, Begemann Racing Systems

Personal Bio

Kurt Begemann has been a Certified USA Cycling Coach for 15 years and has coached riders of all ages and abilities, from Juniors to Masters, to Elite riders, both here in the USA, as well as in South Africa. He has worked many USA Cycling Talent ID Camps across the country, helping to develop this country’s best riders of the future. He has run successful Velodrome programs at 3 tracks in Asheville, NC, New Hampshire, and in Trexlertown, PA. Most recently, he is returning from South Africa where he headed the National Track Program, during which he held annual national and regional racing events, as well as developmental clinics. He took the SA Team to 3 Junior World Championships, coaching riders to new SA national records.

Coaching Philosphy

Coach Kurt values the ability of an athlete to be “coachable,” the openness to new ideas, and the willingness to push beyond one’s limits, mental and physical, to the point of failing. From failure comes great understanding of our personal potential, both in our minds and bodies. Kurt’s notion of cycling success is grounded in the basics of human physiology, teaching how to develop the different energy systems in one’s body. He gives riders the mental tools to succeed, to know limits and how to push beyond in this day of technology. He brings real world stories of success and failure to illustrate his points.

Winter Indoor Training Program

The WIT Program is based upon the notion of periodization where in monthly blocks of training are assigned to build up and break down the muscle systems in an effort to rebuild every 4 weeks. Kurt designs the WIT program as a cumulative process that builds from the Fall through the Winter and into early Spring—each 4-week block builds upon each other, like building a house, with foundation, first floor and then upper floors. Each month begins with a 30-minute functional threshold power test (FTP) that riders use to assess their progression and develop training zones. Classes are comprised of warm up intervals, intervals of different lengths and different efforts, both bi-lateral and single-leg exercises are used to achieve increased physical fitness. Proper cycling technique and etiquette are also taught in the effort to help riders become more knowledgeable and complete.

Cycling Resume

Kurt has competed in the five major cycling categories at Junior, Elite, and Masters levels from the time he was 12—BMX, Mountain bike, Cyclocross, Road, and Track. He holds state, regional, national and world championships in several of these disciplines. He is a multi-time USA and South African national champion and a USA World Masters champion. These real world experiences help guide his teaching philosophy because he knows first-hand what it means to train hard, fail, suffer, and succeed.

Coach Kurt can be reached at or 978-399-5893 to answer any questions about his Winter Indoor Training program held at Cycle Loft, or his personal coaching services.