Cycle Loft remains open to support you. 

Please call (781)-272-0870 to talk about how we can help.

Message to our customers about the Coronavirus situation: (updated 4/22/20)

Dear Friends of Cycle Loft:

Good day! We hope that everyone continue to be well.

Thank you for your support while we all ride this situation out--all pun intended!

For the time being, our hours can be found here:

We have changed to a curbside concierge model--please call us (781)-272-0870 prior to your visit to discuss your needs, and when you arrive at the shop (781)-272-0870 so that we can help most effectively.  We can also use various video communication platforms to discuss your needs. The weather is going to improve weekly with milder temperatures and the sunshine we all long for, making riding outside even a more appealing activity for transportation and well-being maintenance. We are all adapting to this new-normal, and will do whatever we can to preserve your retail experience. 

Please be mindful of this fluid situation which may force us to make modifications to our daily schedules. Please wear a face covering and gloves when coming to the shop, for everyone's safety.

 Updates will be posted here as well as on our Google My Business listing.

Please keep in mind the following protocols when visiting the store:

-Please do not come to the store if you are feeling unwell in any way.

-Please be prepared to wait outside of the store while we perform at once bicycle service.

-We will bring items to you at the curbside, we can take your bike from the curb inside.

-Please bring your own helmet if you are going to be test riding bicycles.

-Our website is available for purchases for pickup at the store, or shipment to you; Trek and Specialized also have in-store or drop ship capabilities.

-Please continue emailing your questions to and calling (781)-272-0870 with your queries.

Remember, outside is always open--let's take a collective breath and keep moving forward.


Jeffrey Palter, Owner, Cycle Loft