Foot Stabilization

Cleat & Leg Alignment

Cycling is a sport of repetition. A cadence of 90 revolutions per minute is approximately 5,000 revolutions per hour. A six-hour century requires 30,000 pedal revolutions! Because of this repetition, it is imperative that you achieve proper alignment of your legs and cleats to establish a safe, comfortable position that ensures maximum comfort and efficiency for your hips, knees, ankles, and feet.


Please allow approximately 1.25 hours for this service.

Foot structure and lower leg alignment are evaluated in static and dynamic posture in an effort to identify opportunities to improve comfort, alignment and/or power transfer.

Assessment data is utilized to determine if current or new shoes, pedals and cleats offer an appropriate biomechanical and ergonomic solution for one’s ergonomic and stability needs. Appropriate cycling specific insoles will be reviewed and recommend. If necessary, forefoot and cleat shims will be discussed and installed. Ergonomically correct cleat positioning will be achieved and proper alignment on the bike will be established.

* Included with our 3-Star & 4-Star services; price does not include shoes, footbeds, wedges, or shims.

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