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Saddle Consultation

Don't Struggle With Discomfort

Our saddle consultation is designed to aid you in selecting a proper saddle from the many options on the market. Saddle selection will be based on your individual pelvic structure, level of pelvic tilt achieved on your bicycle, particular cycling activity, and individual goals. In addition, we'll establish the most effective saddle position for you using proven bicycle fitting methodologies leading to a stable and powerful pedaling platform.

We offer a fantastic selection of saddles from the best brands in the industry. We also have many demo saddles on hand.

Please note that this service is not for individuals who are experiencing certain forms of cycling-induced discomfort such as medial knee pain, lateral knee pain, unilateral saddle sores, lower back pain, or iliotibial band friction or traction issues. If you are experiencing any of these issues, we recommend our Specialized Body Geometry Fit or our Trek Precision Fit services.


Please allow approximately 1.5 hours for this service.

Many riders struggle with saddle discomfort caused by areas of high-pressure exposure. One’s bike saddle is incredibly important to ensure overall enjoyment, comfort, performance and health. Saddle problems not only lead to pelvic floor discomfort, but also affect overall stability on the bike. This results in pain and discomfort in other areas of one’s body including shoulders, neck, back, hands, legs, and feet.

Bontrager’s gebioMized pressure scanner and software are powerful dynamic analysis tools which provide an unprecedented amount of information about the complete interaction with your bicycle. Your Fit Specialist will review in detail the relevance of the analysis data gathered and how it relates to improving your cycling experience.

Your saddle pressure analysis session is conducted on your current bike or our Trek Precision Fit Size Cycle. We start by placing a thin pressure sensor pad over your current saddle while you pedal your bike at good effort to record baseline pressure exposure and positional information. Combining data gathered from the pressure mapping report and additional input from you, your fit specialist is able to objectively recommend saddles and ideal saddle positioning. In addition, recommendations may be made where other improvements on the bike to improve comfort and stability.
* Price does not include saddle replacement.

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Specialized Body Geometry
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