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Fitness Testing - VO2 Based Metabolic Testing

Fitness TestingThe Cycle Loft, in partnership with Joey Adams, M.S. of Intelligent Fitness, is pleased to offer VO2 Based Metabolic Fitness Testing which will allow you to eliminate the guesswork of your training program, maximize your training time, pinpoint your strengths and assist you with achieving your personal fitness goals.

The Intelligent Fitness testing procedure will reveal your iindividual:

  • VO2 Max                            
  • Aerobic Threshold
  • Anaerobic Threshold
  • Target Heart Rate Training Zones
  • Target Power Training Zones (optional)
  • Rate of Recovery
  • Data Analysis & Relationship-based follow-up

Fitness TestingWith the optional Resting Metabolic Rate test you will learn:

  • Daily Calorie Requirements
  • Calorie Guidelines for your Lifestyle and Level of Activity 
  • Effective Weight Management Information

2017 - 2018 Testing Dates:

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Saturday, March 10, 2018 - Book now, available appointments filling quickly 

To reserve your appointment please call (781) 272-0870 or e-mail

Assesment Options:

Resting Metabolic Rate - Determines how many calories one's body burns at rest. This data enables one to determine how much fuel or calories are needed to consume in order to achieve set goals.  Whether it be losing weight or feeling stronger at the end of an event.

  • $125

Standard (AeT / AT / VO2) - Determines anaerobic (AT) threshold and peak VO2; AT is basically defined as the point where your body turns from a fat burning machine to a carbohydrate burning machine.  AT is also the point where your body's uptake of oxygen is exceeded by the production of CO2.  This test also determines Aerobic Threshold (AeT); it is at this point where one is at peak aerobic efficiency. Individual heart rate training zones, based on one's physiology, are discovered and provided. 

  • $170 (Bike or Run) 
  • add steady state analysis - $125

Standard & Resting Metabolic Rate Combo - This test determines the calories utilized within a 24 hour period.  Combined with the AeT / AT / VO2 test an athlete will know exactly how many calories are needed in a day to keep the engine properly fueled, rested and ready for peak performance. 

  • $200 (Bike or Run)
  • add steady state analysis - $125

Standard & Resting Metabolic Rate Combo with Pace or Watts - All tests include identification of personal training zones.  Some athletes like to maximize their investment and know exactly how they're performing at certain workloads or paces. Based upon your physiology, individual power training zones, or paces, are extrapolated over a personalized grid providing the potential for highly focused training.

  • $250 (Bike or Run)
  • add steady state analysis - $125

Standard & Resting Metabolic Rate Combo - Bike & Run - optimized service for triathletes.

  • $270 (Bike and Run)
  • add steady state analysis - $125

Standard & Resting Metabolic Rate Combo - Bike & Run with Pace / Watts - optimized service for triathletes.

  • $350 (Bike and Run)
  • add steady state analysis - $125

Fitness Test appointments are available in 1 hour 15-minute intervals at Cycle Loft in our enhanced BiKE Fitting Center.  You'll be working one-on-one with Joey Adams.  During your assessment, you'll be using your own bike and our CycleOps smart trainer or our treadmill. A spining bike is also available at request. 

Space is limited.  Book your appointment today!  Prepayment for appointments is required due to high demand.

To reserve your appointment please call Cycle Loft at 781-272-0870 or e-mail

Further questions regarding services offered by Intelligent Fitness may be directed to Joey Adams via e-mail at or visit

Fitness Testing preparation details and information may be found here.

Check out the Intelligent Fitness Performance Library

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