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Joey Adams is a twenty-five year veteran of the sports and fitness indus­try, as well as a 10-year Indoor Cycling Master Trainer.  Joey holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education, a Master’s in Exercise Science and a Post-Baccalaure­ate in Education. 

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Burlington Free Press
"Morrison discovered she was working out too hard. "I spent too much time hitting the high notes," the Middlebury mother of two said. "I was falling into the cultural lure of harder, faster."
Barre-Montpelier Times Argus
"Chances are that the racer who is dropping everyone on the climb just knows how to optimize his engine, regardless of its size, through countless hours of exercising at the proper intensity. The proper intensity, it turns out, can only be accurately determined through repeated testing."
Albany Times Union
“If you are training aerobically it is like opening a window by pushing up on it,” Adams said. “If you are training anaerobically it is like opening a window by pulling up on the clasp…The bonus is when you open from the bottom it is more efficient. [There is] more oxygen rushing in and the metabolism starts to rise because you have more capillaries and more mitochondria in the slow twitch fibers.”