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Tern Folding Bike

Tern Link P7i 20
Portable Transport for the Human Race. P7i: The Equipped One When your rides are more about getting to the farmer’s market before the cupcakes are sold out. Fully-equipped with rear rack, dynamo hub and integrated lights, and fully-enclosed hub gear for low maintenance. The Link family of bikes is designed with a simple goal – getting you from where you are to where you need to be. Whether your journey is all on bike or a combo of public transport and bike, your Link is ready to adapt. On arrival, fold your Link so it waits inside with you, safe and sound. Go by Link and keep to your own schedule. Mobile phones, umbrellas, point and shoot cameras — the natural arc of evolution moves in a direction of increasing portability — the bicycle is no different. The Link P7i is your every day travel companion, whether your trip is exclusively on two wheels or in combination with buses, trains, or automobiles. You will really be amazed about how much more you can smile on a daily basis when you go by bike. And then, when you realize you've got a fantastic bike that just happens to fold, well then you've really done it--you've now solved a problem you didn't even know you had. Ride your bike wherever, and practically whenever you want. Unbind yourself from how you thought a bike could integrate itself into your lifestyle.
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