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Folding Bike

Looking for that special part for your foldilng bike? Chances are we have it here. Whether it's an origial equipment part or a custom modification and upgrade, take a look here. Special requests or questions about your folding bike? Just give Jeff Palter, Cycle Loft's owner a call, (617) 230-0131.

We have custom parts from Brompfication for you to personalize your Brompton folding bike. We also have many "factory" parts and accessories on hand or your Brompton, Dahon, or Tern folding bike. Can't find that hard to find bit? Just give us a call.

The Off Yer Bike "On Yer Shoulder" (OYS) handle with D ring attachments for attaching the OYS carrying strap (sold separately.) The Idea: The designers of the Off Yer Bike carrying handle have been using Brompton bikes for many years as part of their daily commute into London from their base in Kent. Whilst loving the flexibility of the Brompton bicycle, they were frustrated by the awkwardness of carrying and maneuvering the bike when not riding it. After talking to many other Brompton riders about this issue it became clear that there was a real need for a simple high quality retro fit handle to help riders transport and maneuver their bikes when off their bikes. After developing and using several different designs on their own bikes, the designers finally came up with the Off Yer Bike carry handle, a simple, high quality retro fit handle, which when fitted stays on the bike and enables riders to easily carry and maneuver their bikes onto trains, buses and cars when "folded" and help carry the bike up and down steps and escalators and over obstacles when in "ride ready mode." The Handle: The Off Yer Bike carry handle is constructed in three distinct sections. One large pad, one small pad and a strong, robust thermo moulded rubber handle. The large front pad, the stabilizing pad, secures the handle to the main frame cross bar. The smaller rear pad also fits onto the main cross bar behind the narrower diagonal tube and guarantees the handle is positioned in the ideal place for perfect balance when carrying the bike when both folded and in "ride ready mode." Two velcro straps, one on the large front pad and one on the smaller pad lock the pads into place and prevent movement along the frame and a high quality leather backing on the pads eliminates any lateral movement around the main frame tube. The thermo moulded rubber handle which joins the two pads together has been designed to a specific length and height so that users can carry the bike from either side when folded or in 'ride ready mode'. Users can decide which side they prefer to carry the bike and adjust the fitting position of the handle accordingly. The Fitment: Please go here: to read detailed instructions (with pictures) how to fit the OYB/OYS carry handle to your lovely.
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