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Subrosa BMX Bikes

Subrosa Big Bitchin' Cranks
$169.99 - $180.00
• Seamless 4130 chromoly with oversized welds • 3 piece construction for compatibility with spline drive • Full Deathproof heat treatment after welding • 22mm spindle • Weight: 31.2 oz.
Subrosa Bandit Sprocket
Stick 'em up! Subrosa's Bandit Sprocket features pro-level tech and killer design to keep your drivetrain looking and working great. 100% lightweight CNC'd aluminum construction adds durability and strength while keeping weight to a bare minimum. It also features offset teeth for better chain alignment.
Subrosa Bitchin' Bottom Bracket
Subrosa's Bitchin' Bottom Bracket spins fast and smooth. It uses two custom R12 mid sealed bearings, and is available in both 19mm and 22mm models. • Lightweight 6061 alloy full CNC cones • Custom Subrosa R12 mid bearings with logo and white seals • Includes: 2 sealed bearings, internal spacer, custom cone washers, and extra alloy washers
Subrosa Grave Digger
Subrosa's Grave Digger tires may or may not crush cars, but their grippy compound will ensure you stick that jump you're doing to impress friends or the neighborhood dog. • 20 x 2.3-inch • Soft and grippy compound • 29 oz. • Inflates to 85 psi
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