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4 & 5 Star Bicycle Fitting

Comprehensive Bike Fits at Cycle Loft

Applying evidence based protocol, we demonstrate through various technological tools and personal demonstrations how a rider’s experience will be enhanced through modifications in position and equipment. Using the finest contemporary methodologies and fitting tools from Trek Precision FitSpecialized Body Geometry Fit, and Fit Institute Slow Twitch, Cycle Loft Fitting Technicians will provide the most dynamic experience available today.

Our Bicycle Fit Center provides an optimal space for personalized and private consultation as we employ leading bicycle fitting technologies. Cycle Loft is committed to offering the latest in bicycle fit advancements and equipment. In addition, we offer a fitting and rider focused product selection in an effort to optimize the interface between a cyclist and their bikes.

Bike Fitting Options


Please allow approximately 2.5 hours for this service.

During your personal 4-Star Cycling Analysis, our detailed interview protocol is used in an effort to focus on your individual background, cycling style and personal goals. Using quantifiable data gathered from range of motion, structural and stability assessments, we’ll optimize your bicycle and equipment, leading to perceptible improvements in comfort and an overall happier cycling experience. In addition, you'll ride faster, longer, and in greater comfort with a reduced chance of injury.

Personal Interview We begin your appointment with a detailed interview and document and discuss your cycling history, injury history, cycling induced discomfort, personal goals and any positional concerns you’d enjoy reviewing. We pay close attention to your contact points on your bicycle.

Physical Assessment The assessment of a rider’s range of motion, body structure, functional / structural asymmetries and stability provides a critical guide to what position one’s body will effectively embrace on a bicycle. Included is a thorough static and dynamic foot analysis. One’s feet are the final contact point as force and power are applied to the pedals. We seek improvements in foot stability for improved alignment, biomechanics, power transfer comfort and injury prevention.

Ride Analysis In an effort to further review your biomechanics and gather additional postural information your cycling position with be assessed on your bike. This provides additional information to optimize your position and personal equipment.

Fitting Once your physical assessment and ride analysis are complete we’ll personalize your bike position and equipment choice. It’s not uncommon to need a new saddle, stem, shoes, footbeds, etc. to optimize your cycling experience. Any changes in your position and equipment will be reviewed in an effort to match your needs and budget. We’ll advise you all along the way so you feel informed and part of the decision making process.  In the end, your bike will be perfectly tailored to your body.

Follow-Up A follow-up phone consultation will be scheduled to review your adaptation to your new position on your bike. We’ll answer any questions which may arise and provide guidance on how to get the most out of your bike.


Please allow approximately 3.5 hours for this service.

Enhance our 4-Star Service with the Trek Precision Fit Size Cycle, Bontrager’s gebioMized Pressure Analysis and follow-up bike fit positional reporting.

The Size Cycle is the ultimate cycling analysis tool, allowing infinite and seamless on-the-bike adjustability. While riding the Size Cycle during the fitting process, the position of the handlebars and saddle are easily adjustable. Investigating various saddles and components is effortless. Crank length options may be evaluated quickly and efficiently. This allows us to focus on what is perfect for the rider and not just a compromised solution on a particular bike, model or brand.

Bontrager’s gebioMized Pressure Analysis scanner and software are powerful dynamic analytical tools which provide an unprecedented amount of information about the complete interaction with your bicycle. This evidence based technology, combined with the information gathered from your initial interview and physical assessment, will provide direction on how to resolve chronic cycling induced pain and any asymmetric discomfort and imbalances. In addition, pressure analysis will assist with optimal saddle selection, provide direction with addressing leg length discrepancies, reveal the effects of improved foot stability, and aid in many more fit related problems.

Your Fit Specialist will explain the relevance of all the data gathered and how it relates to your cycling experience. We’ll review and establish an optimal position with increased accuracy resulting in increased comfort, minimized pressure across contact points with your bike, reduced joint load, maximize power transfer, and optimal pedaling technique.

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Specialized Body Geometry
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