Lightning Recumbent Bicycles

Rocket Science Meets Bicycles

Lightning Cycle Dynamics was started by a former rocket scientist who set out to make the best bicycle possible. His efforts led him to design the first Lightning recumbent bike. With their background in engineering, they have set various world records and are constantly improving their design.

Recumbent bikes require you to sit down as you would in car to ride them. Since you are reclining while you ride, it give you a different riding experience than a traditional upright bicycle. For immediate assistance with recumbent bicycles, please call Jeff on 617-230-0131.


Like all recumbent bicycles, Lightning bicycles give you added comfort over traditional bicycles due to their comfortable reclining sit down position. As you recline it takes pressure off of your spine and bottom and redistributes your weight across a wider area. Lightning Cycle's mesh seat allows your body to breathe while you ride, adding another layer of comfort.


Recumbent bicycles have a lower center of gravity which makes them safer to maneuver. Since you are sitting down on the bike, your distance to the ground is less than on a standard bike, giving you a less chance of injury in the event of an accident. The engineering of this bike also gives it half the braking distance of a traditional bicycle..


You might not have a need for speed, but the advances that led Lightning to produce the fastest recumbent road bikes on the market, have also led them to create the smoothest rides. Lightning recumbent bikes allow you to reach top speed with less effort than an upright bike. Due to their rocket science level design, uphill climbing keeps your speed at the same levels of upright bikes.

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With all of these benefits, you can just focus on having a good time. Whether you're looking to set records or looking to have a great riding experience, Lightning recumbent bicycles are your best option. Stop by today and ask our staff how we can help customize your Lightning recumbent bike.