The Best Climbing Recumbent

Cruzbike combines the best of both recumbent cycling and conventional diamond frame bikes. What you get is a more efficient, more connected ride. Featuring Dynamic Boom - Front Wheel Drive (DB-FWD) mechanics, Cruzbike recumbents give you greater climbing ability and maneuverability. These bikes climb just as easily as their upright counterparts. Come in for a test ride today! Call Jeff at 617-230-0131 for immediate assistance--set an appointment today.

Dynamic Boom

With DB-FWD, your upper and lower body can work together to increase power while climbing. This works in much the same way as climbing with a diamond-framed bike. Power is transferred to the pedals by tilting the frame toward the down stroke.

Cruzbike Dynamic Boom Recumbent Bicycle

Look, No Hands

Because ones feet and legs are connected to the steering boom, you relax your upper body on long rides and still maintain control. With enough practice, you could even ride without hands by relying solely on your legs to maintain balance for short distances.