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About Cycle Loft

Boston's Bike Shop Since 1976

Welcome to Cycle Loft, Boston's choice for bicycles, service, clothing, and advice since 1976. 2018 marks many changes as we turn 42 years old. We recently moved to a brand new store (which is technically in Lexington), that is only 2 miles from our old store in Burlington. The plaza in which we are located is in Burlington--go figure! The service center and showroom are now both on one floor. The Middlesex Commons shopping plaza is easy to get to by bike or car, from Lexington and the Route 128/95, down the road from the Burlington Mall--we have a great place to test ride bikes and more than enough parking (finally!). We have an incredible selection of services and products to enhance your bicycle riding experience. You can trust our team to make your shopping experience rewarding.

Cycle Loft's been around since 1976, when the first Cycle Loft was in nearby Lexington Center, at 7 Muzzey Street. Any guesses how it got the name? Well, it's pretty simple. The first Cycle Loft was much, much smaller than our present building. It was on the second floor of a small building, and anytime you wanted to bring your bike upstairs for service, you just gave a holler and someone would come down and help out. That's how it all got started. For a couple years, there actually were two Cycle Lofts--the one in Lexington, and where we are now, here in Burlington. Then, when the business kept growing, Burlington became the single location. The building we just vacated was built in 1997 and served us well for 20 years; our newest location is even better and will serve everyone to an even greater extent!

We look forward to the future, serving you and your families for all your cycling needs. We've been under new ownership since 2006, and haven't stopped making changes to the building, our product lines, and our staff -- plus we've expanded to offer online shopping 24/7 so you can support your local bike shop either in our store or from the convenience of your own home. We hope you like the enhanced Cycle Loft and look forward to seeing you soon.

A Message From The Owner

Why Cycle Loft? Why "Since 1976?" Why the bicycle industry? What is an IBD?

Ever since January 2006, when I acquired Cycle Loft, we've continued to work hard refining and changing the shop year after year: how it looks, what products we carry, and which unique services we can offer. It's who we are as people--always striving to make our customers' experience better, and to make our staff's work more efficient. Why we lead this life of merchants in the bicycle industry, how we do it, and what we are really "selling" is a long story.

We love what we do because we believe in the bicycle not only as a recreational and sporting machine but also a tool for massive social and environmental change. It's pretty simple. We believe if you ride a bike you will feel better, and that is contagious throughout one's daily life and over the long term. Of course, we help people buy bikes and the stuff that goes with them, and we really look at the BIG picture of what a bicycle can do both individually and in general and how it makes you feel. You might be angry before your ride, but chances are that has disappeared by the time you return or arrive at your destination. Life is like riding a bike with ups and downs, but by and large, like life, we wouldn't trade it for anything.

Cycling and bicycles are our passion, and we consider ourselves fortunate to work in the cycling industry, especially at a time in our society when bicycles are becoming the focus more frequently as a problem solver to many of our local and global issues. 

You've heard the notions these days of shopping local, the value of brick and mortar stores in one's local communities, and the ills of shopping online. Well, all that is true to a great extent. We understand that much of the time absolute price is important to our customers. And we truly believe that bicycles can be complicated, some more than others and that at the end of the day, most riders are not going to be able to solve their mechanical issues autonomously. That's where we come in with the notion of customer service, in person, not online via web chat or webcams or webinars. We are here, have been since 1976, and intend on being so for the foreseeable future--but we do need your support to remain a sustainable fixture in the community. It's really as simple as that. The world has changed rapidly, and will continue to do so--we just hope that the value of a face to face interaction will never go out of style.

We understand that you are busy though, and sometimes shopping online is the most practical option for you to gear up for cycling. That's why we offer 24/7 online shopping convenience on our website. You are able to support your local brick and mortar retailer and still have the convenience of online shopping. Please consider this option the next time you are making an online purchase. We appreciate your continued support.

Thank you for visiting our website. I look forward to meeting you in person. And thank you for your continued support. #allriderswelcome #allbikeswelcome #supportyourlocalbikeshop

--Jeff Palter, Owner, Cycle Loft

Questions, comments, suggestions? Please feel free to email us. The cycling business and business in general (life too these days) changes so quickly if you see something we're missing, or somehow we've missed something during your interaction, I want to know about it, good, bad, or ugly. You can also call Cycle Loft (781) 272-0870.

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