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Handmade, Customizable Folding Bicycles

Introduction to Bicycles that Fold
In order to understand what makes Brompton bicycles so unique, one must be familiar with folding bicycles in general. There are 3 primary categories of folding bikes:
1. Folding bikes with small wheels that fold in half
2. Folding bikes with small wheels that fold into thirds
3. Folding bikes that have large wheels that fold in half
Many of the folding bike brands on the market are small-wheel bikes that fold in half. Some are great bikes, but because of how their folding mechanism is designed they do not fold to be as compact as a Brompton.

Why Buy a Brompton Folding Bike?
Brompton bikes are not only compact, but they also provide a better riding experience than most of their folding counter parts. In the current moment, Brompton is the only folding bike in it's price point that also rides really well. This makes the Brompton a wonderful option for people who want a bike that folds and prefers a smooth riding experience as well. Brompton manufactures exceptional bicycles with a large variety of uses in th e city, the country, during travel, and for commuting. 

Why Buy a Brompton Folding Bike from Cycle Loft?
We are home to New England's largest inventory of bikes that fold, with over 25 varyinig models and configurations in stock at any given time. Our helpful expert staff is passionate about helping you find the right bike for your lifestyle and they are versed in the Brompton product line. We offer test rides and clinics dedicated to folding bikes so that you are absolutely sure which bike is the right fit prior to purchase. For those in the Boston area, we offer unparallelled service and backup support for Brompton riders and we carry many Brompton accessories in order to make sure your riding experience reaches its full capability. We offer 48 hour test rides on Bromptons so that you can see how they work in your life before purchasing. Please email to reserve yours, or call 617-230-0131 for immediate assistance.

How Do They Work?
In less than 20 seconds, you can fold or unfold your Brompton bike - turn your bike into a compact package that can be carried or stored with ease; tuck your bike under your desk at work; hop onto public transportation for a quick lift or travel long distances. 

How do They Compare to Traditional Bicycles? 
Brompton folding bicycles come in a variety of postures and gear selections, making it a comfortable transition from a more traditional road or hybrid bicycle. 
Hybrid Comparison Road Comparison

Bikes as Unique as You Are
Although many customers find the Brompton for them on our sales floor, there are many different customizable options available. Our team of folding bike experts will help you to identify the features that are key to your riding success and find the perfect bicycle for you. Key variable features on Brompton bicycles include: 

- Riding Position (posture, handlebar height)
- Gear Selections
- Unique Colors / Special Editions

Still want to learn more?

Test Ride a Brompton
We understand that you may have more questions about Bromptons and how they might work for you. That's why we will gladly let you test ride one in the store any time, so you can experience them first hand before making a purchase decision. We’re here to help you understand the features and benefits of owning a Brompton, and to guide you in selecting the best setup for your riding style. 

Speak to a Folding Bike Expert
Not only do our sales staff know Bromptons, our store owner Jeff is a folding bike expert as well. His extensive knowledge and understanding of folding bicycles makes him the perfect person to speak with before, during and after the purchasing process. Jeff can be reached directly by phone for immediate assistance at 617-230-0131.

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