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Why Ride A Catrike?

Recumbent trikes have a unique design that makes riding more comfortable and fun by avoiding the common pressure points of neck, hand, and posterior discomfort that some riders experience with upright bicycles. At Cycle Loft, one of our recumbent brands of choice is Catrike. Catrike makes top of the line, award-winning recumbent trikes in several configurations designed for different philosophies of use. Each model is uniquely designed and manufactured in Orlando, Florida. There is a Catrike for every type of rider from the fairly upright seating position of the Villager, to the speed ready laid-back 700, to the new fully suspended Dumont.

Catrike recumbent tricycles come equipped with reinforced mesh seats to keep you cool and comfortable while riding. The drivetrain is powered by dual platform-SPD pedals that allow you to ride in any shoes. Direct drive steering keeps you in full control of how your trike handles. All of these features allow you to reap the full benefits of the recumbent experience. For more information, or to find out which trikes are in stock for demonstration, please email Jeff (please allow 24 hour response time,) or for the most immediate response, please call Jeff on 617-230-0131Ride with ease on a Catrike

Ride With Ease

The unique geometry of recumbent tricycles gives you a riding position completely different than a traditional upright "double-diamond" bike frame. Instead of pressure being put on hand, wrists, and sit bones, the pressure is placed on your whole rear end and back. Also, when riding in a recumbent position, your back is reclined instead of hunched over. This gives you an all-around more comfortable ride and a more convertible-like view of the world. Try it, you might just be surprised at how much you like it.

Go anywhere on a Catrike Recumbent Trike!

Go Anywhere

Some Catrike models include rear suspension, or three points of suspension, and a rear 20", 26", or 700c rear wheel. This relieves stress from road vibration and increases speed. Throw in a versatile drivetrain and you can take your Catrike wherever adventure takes you. From casual rides in the park to dusty gravel trails, Catrike has a trike for every rider.

Catrike Dumont
$4,150.00 - $4,175.00
Catrike Road AR
$3,150.00 - $3,175.00
Catrike 700
$2,950.00 - $2,975.00
Catrike Expedition
$2,550.00 - $2,575.00
Catrike Trail
$2,950.00 - $2,975.00
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