RANS Recumbent Bikes

Unique Recumbent Design

RANS Bikes builds premier recumbent and tandem bikes. With unique crank forward geometry and high-performance components, RANS has been able to set themselves apart from other recumbent bike brands. All of their bikes are time-tested for comfort, reliability, and style.

We have the RANS Stratus LE recumbent bicycles in store. The Stratus XP, X-Stream, Seavo and Screamer recumbent tandems are available from our warehouse. These feature a unique crank forward design for the stoker or rear position. Come in for a test ride today! Or contact Jeff at (617) 230-0131 for immediate assistance or ride@cycleloft.com.

Crank Forward

RANS has built crank forward bikes for years, which blend the benefits of a recumbent seat position with an upright bicycle. This geometry is achieved by placing the crank forward and lower than a typical diamond design. This crank position is used for the stoker on all RANS tandems and featured on the Stratus.

A Recumbent Legend

The unique design of the Stratus has recently been imitated by other recumbent brands because of its upright seated position, which is not quite as laid back as other recumbents – yet equally comfortable. This crank forward positioning also makes it easier to mount and dismount the bike.