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Cycling Essentials for the Holidays

Explore Our Top Recommendations

Buying gifts for a cyclist can be a daunting task. We're here to help this holiday season. Explore our recommendations for indispensable bike gear in this handy guide. If you can't find just the right gift, reach out or visit to the shop and our team of cycling enthusiasts can help.


Safety first, fun second. Look, it’s actually pretty safe out there, but you never know what’s around the next bend. Modern helmets are more protective and comfortable than ever and are styled to fit every rider’s personal preferences. Also, it’s good to replace your helmet every 3-5 years to ensure it works as designed when you need it.

Tires & Inflation

Being prepared for the inevitable flat tire will not only get you back in the saddle quicker, but also save you from walking or calling for a pickup. A simple repair kit includes tire levers, a spare tube, a patch kit, and a pump. It all packs into a fist-size roll you can attach under your seat or carry in your bag or jersey pocket.


Shine bright everywhere you go! Adding front and rear lights to your bike is important, even if you aren’t riding in the dark. Daytime visibility lights allow you to be seen easily by other riders and vehicles. We have a variety of lightweight, water resistant options, and we’re happy to make a personal recommendation and tell you about our favorites.


You’ll have so much fun pedaling around that you might start to look for excuses to ride: groceries, coffee, even your commute to work or school. When you need to leave your precious ride unattended, you’ll want to be sure to lock it to something sturdy.

Bags, Racks & Phone Mounts

No one goes anywhere without their phone these days, so how are you going to carry it? The addition rack, a pack, or a basket will take your rides to the next level. The type of storage you choose will depend on what you want to take with you on your ride. Handlebar bags and frame packs are great for small things like a phone, snacks and tools, baskets are great for transporting groceries, and panniers are perfect for commuting or short camping trips.

Car Racks

Take your bike to new locations and find new places to ride. Keep your bicycle safe and secure the whole way with a car rack. From one bike to many, there's a bicycle transportation solution for any size group. Come in today to find the best rack for your vehicle.


Keep the H2O flowing on your bike rides! Whether you are pedaling around the neighborhood or going for a long, grueling ride, you need to stay hydrated. Adding a water bottle cage to your new bike is simple and easy. For longer rides or mountain rides, go with a hydration pack - also great for transporting phones, sunscreen and snacks.

Cycling Apparel

Cycling apparel includes specific features that increase comfort and versatility. Jerseys made from stretchy fabrics with a zippered front help regulate body temperature while rear pockets hold ride essentials like snacks or a repair kit. Shorts and bibs are also made from stretchy fabrics and typically include padding in the seat — called a chamois — to reduce discomfort on long rides.


Protect your fingers and hands from the branches and bramble of the trail or the friction of the handlebars. Your hands absorb plenty of shock from the trail so gloves will also elevate your comfort level, especially on a long ride. We have a variety of sizes and styles for men and women.


Cycling shoes should fit comfortably without being too snug. Fit often varies between brands, so stop by our shop to try on a few different models (wear the same socks you plan to ride in). Look for shoes with a little extra room in the toe box to allow your feet to naturally swell on longer rides. Ask about wide-last models if you have wider feet, and for a truly personalized fit, consider custom insoles. When shopping online, be sure and reference sizing charts before purchasing.

GPS / Computers

Track your rides and your personal progress with a cycling computer. Cycling computers vary in price and sophistication. Some offer dynamic performance monitoring provides insights on your VO2 max, recovery, and more. They may also include safety features such as a new bike alarm, group messaging and tracking, and incident detection. Let us know what you are looking for, based on that we will help you find the perfect cycling computer for you.

In need of some professional guidance?

When it comes to gear, the variety of brands and options can make your head spin. We are happy to talk you through your options and provide you with recommendations based on your riding goals.