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Off Yer Bike OYS Shoulder Strap Only
Shoulder Strap ONLYl for use with Off Yer Bike OYS carry handle for Brompton Bicycles, with D-rings. OYS is sold separately. These two items can be combined into one package for economic shipping. Will ship strap for free with OYS shoulder strap. If purchased individually, this shoulder strap has a $8.99 shipping fee via USPS. Please call Jeffrey Palter, 617-230-0131, for immediate assistance.
Brompton Borough Roll Top
$160.00 - $200.00
Brompton introduces Borough Roll Top Large in Dark Grey and Roll Top Medium in Olive--the model 2020 bag is a fresh take on our classic roll top T-bag and is created with the same level of care and attention as our specialized bikes. The clever design of our bags focuses on functionality and performance, making it the perfect companion for all kinds of journeys. Robust weatherproof materials and multiple storage compartments help to keep you organised and make this your go-to bag; whatever your ride demands. New functional features include an adjustable external load carry strap – great for helmets, jackets, or other large items. Redesigned interiors now include both laptop and water bottle sleeves, allowing the user more flexible usage solutions. This bag now features a rubberized webbing handle, making it compatible with ALL Brompton handlebar types. This bag is great for weekend adventures. Dimensions (approx.): 40 (W) x 30 (H) x 20 (D) cm (Large) Outer material: 1000D Cordura Broken Twill with PU coating Inner material: 100% Nylon Capacity: 28 Litres (Large) Compatible with ALL Brompton handlebars Zipped O-open front pocket Large rear pockets with integrated bottle sleeve Padded inner laptop sleeve with cable management pocket Glove friendly zip pulls HI-viz reflective waterproof rain cover Detachable shoulder strap and extra load strap system Front carrier block not included, but available to purchase here Rubberized webbing carry handle Front carrier block not included
Brompton Electric
$3,800.00 - $4,050.00
Built by hand in London since 1976, the Brompton is simple fun, agile adventure, stylish mobility, and potent portability all folded up into one extremely versatile bike. Explore the city from a comfortable, upright position as the steel frame and 16-inch aluminum wheels whisk you away to new experiences. Need to hop on a bus or the train? No problem. Bask in the freedom of truly multi-modal transportation, and in seconds, fold your Brompton into a suitcase-sized, easy-to-carry package, bring it aboard, and unfold it at your destination to continue your two-wheeled journey. CHARGE Fold up and store your electric bike safely inside. Unclip the battery and charge at home, the office or on the go. Designed by world class engineers to fit all the technology and power needed into a small, lightweight and portable package. UNFOLD An electric folding bike you can take anywhere with you. Fold up and jump on the train. Unfold and make your next meeting. Use your Brompton Electric bicycle to hack the city’s transport network and make it work for you. GO Feel unstoppable in the city with the Brompton Electric bike. Fly up hills. Feel like every ride has a tailwind. See more. Do more. And arrive fresh, and on time, every time. SHIPPING If we will be shipping this bike to you there will be an additional charge for Insurance, whcih varies based on ship-to location. We will call you to confirm this added amount.
Brompton H6L-12
$1,675.00 - $2,825.00
2021 H6L -12 Various Colors, various specs for gearing, lighting, and material--superlight vs. standard all steel--please call for bike specifics if there's a question. Online pictures may not be actual bicycle. Bike Type: Standard Frame Material: Steel Handlebar: H Type Gears: 6 Speed Gear Ratio: -12 speed std ratio Mudguards/Rack Version: L - inc. mudguards no rack Main Frame: Various Extremities Color: Various Saddle Height: Standard Lighting: SP Dynamo **(Black Editions only reflectors) Saddle Brompton: Wide Tyre Schwalbe Marathon Racer Front Luggage: Front Carrier Block Only Rear Luggage: None Transporting: None Saddle bag: None Toolkit: None --Modifications of rear rack, seatpost, and front dyno lighting system available. Please call Jeff Palter, Owner, 617-230-0131, for an immediate response regarding this bicycle. The Brompton is a bike which rides superbly, is safe, agile and fast, yet folds easily and quickly into a highly-compact and portable package. The result is a vehicle that increases your sense of freedom and independence. Finely-engineered and elegant, the Brompton has a full-sized frame, made mainly of steel for strength and stiffness. It is designed to be practical and light enough to be genuinely portable; actual weight depends on model and configuration, but ranges from 9 – 12½ kg (20 – 28lbs). Brompton weights are true weights; unlike most bike manufacturers, we include the weight of mudguards, pedals, etc. in our figures – if it’s on the bike, we weigh it. The combination of a rigid frame and accurate alignment makes for efficient transmission of your energy and a lively, first-rate ride; countless owners use them on long journeys and for touring and many prefer the ride of a Brompton to that of conventional bikes. The Fold of a Brompton Bicycle: A key feature of the Brompton is the compactness and practicality of its fold. With a little practice, this is achieved without any difficulty in 10 - 20 seconds. The dimensions of the folded bike are: 585mm high x 545mm long x 270mm wide (23" x 21.5" x 10.6"). When folded, a Brompton stays locked together, making an extremely compact package little larger than its wheels. The folded package may be picked up without any risk that the bike will unfold - reassuring when running for a train or handing it to a cloakroom attendant! There are no projections or loose parts with the folded package and, using the frame or saddle as a handle, it carries like a small suitcase, lightweight and easy to manage. The fold is designed to keep vulnerable parts, like lights and cable-runs, out of harm's way and, by folding them in, to keep the greasy chain and gears away from clothing and luggage. Small rollers allow the bike to be pushed into inaccessible corners. **Folding: Full instructions for folding and unfolding, with diagrams, are given in the Owner Manual but these are the basic steps: All Bromptons have rear suspension, which also allows instant "parking" of the bike in the "kickstand" position. Park the bike by swinging the rear wheel under the main frame - the Brompton will stand on its own, leaving both hands free Unclamp and fold back the front wheel - the right hand pedal should be moved out of the way if necessary - and hook onto the rear frame Unclamp and lower the handlebars and saddle, and stow the folding pedal; these items can be dealt with in any order after the second step **Unfolding: Raise and clamp the saddle and handlebar, and unfold the folding pedal; these items can be dealt with in any order, but they must be unfolded before moving on to step 2 Unfold and clamp front wheel; the bike is now parked in the "kickstand" position. Lift up the rear end of the bike - a little flick is usually the most effective method - to swing the rear wheel out; the bike is ready to ride The key to understanding the fold of the Brompton is the seat pillar: it is the seat pillar which locks the folded package together by projecting down from the main frame, so preventing the rear frame from rotating, which in turn prevents the front wheel from swinging free. If the seat pillar is visible below the main frame, do not try to park or unpark the Brompton, and do not try to hook or unhook the front wheel from the rear frame. Similarly, if the seat pillar is not fully down, the folded package may fall open when the bike is picked up. SHIPPING If we will be shipping this bike to you there will be an additional charge for Insurance, whcih varies based on ship-to location. We will call you to confirm this added amount.
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